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At Beltech, we are at the forefront of developing technology that directly impacts a large number of people and significantly helps them save time and increase their efficiency. We are creating a massive impact on the infrastructure, and the governance of the country.

Moreover, the technology that we build will not only be used by the government, but will also be open-sourced. This gives the power back to the people, and truly democratises the development of the country.

Job Openings

  • Machine Learning Engineer

    - Bengaluru

    METHODDevelop an algorithm which controls traffic lights based on available traffic data.TECHNICAL EXPERTISEPython, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Lea...

  • Computer Vision Specialist

    - Bengaluru

    KEY PROBLEM TO SOLVEIdentify and categorise data on roads to allow smooth flow of traffic within cities.METHODSet up a system that identif...

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