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    Things to do during the interview

    Interviews are generally considered as a very tense experience. Each and every one of us gets restless when we talk about interviews. Especially when the Job Market is slow getting the right interview and cracking it becomes very important. Here, we have jotted down the top 9 ways through which we feel will help the candidates to crack the interview.

    Be Punctual

    Make sure to reach the company for the interview on time. If you are late for the interview, it creates a bad impression. Ensure that you reach 10 minutes before the interview time. It is one of the most important steps for creating a good impression.

    Know the employer 

    Before going for the interview, please go through the company’s details. Read about their history, mission, vision, and objectives. This helps you in answering the questions if asked related to their company. Focus on the content of their future plans, so that you are able to connect it with your job role, and tell them how you will be beneficial for their company in the long run.

    Prepare yourself

    The candidate must prepare themselves properly for the interview questions. Write down a list of common questions that are asked during the interview- introduction about yourself, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, why they should hire you, and many more. Try to give an interesting answer and practice it properly before you step in for the interview.

    Wear proper formals

    The best way to make a perfect impression is ‘dress to impress’. Always wear formals that are crisply ironed, shoes that are cleaned properly, and make sure to tie your hair up neatly. Avoid applying too much makeup but be presentable.

    Be honest

    While you respond to the interview question, be honest. If you think of lying to any question, it might back-fire in the future. If you don’t know certain things, it is better to accept it politely. It’s ok to be unaware of a few things. Accepting about being unknown to a few topics is much better than giving a false answer and making a wrong impression.

    Be confident

    Make sure that you look confident even if you are feeling nervous. No one prefers to hire a candidate who is nervous at the time of an interview, as it creates an impression of an inability to tackle workplace situations of the candidate.

    Updated CV

    The most important document is your CV as it helps you to sell yourself to the company. By writing down all the skills and experiences, you must keep it updated. Avoid putting fake information in the resume. Keep your CV short and crisp with just the required information.

    Body language matters

    During the interview, the interviewer keeps an eye on you in every way. So the posture, the way you sit, and your body language matter as it has a substantial weightage at the phase of the interview. Avoid slouching. Better sit straight and try to make eye contact while talking. Prefer making it a two-way conversation, by clearing your doubts (if any) or by asking some questions.


    Ask for opinion

    After answering all the questions of the interviewer, ask about how the interview was, and seek any feedback the interviewer might have. Asking for such kind of feedback gives a positive impression of the candidates’ interest towards the job.