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Contract employment is rising at a faster rate than ever all across the globe. As it has become very challenging to find good candidates on a permanent basis. Contract staffing opens up a wealth of great resources that will be available on a temporary basis. We can provide quality resources on different many terms as briefly mentioned below:

Fixed-term Contract

Fixed-term contracts are those which are bound by requirements. These contracts are generally made against a single project and when the requirements of that project are met, the contract gets terminated.

Agency Staff

In these contracts, the employees are fully hired by the agency but work for other companies.


This is when an individual has an in-demand skill set, so he/she applies to one or more organizations that hire this employee on a contractual basis to deliver the needs of the company.

Zero-hour Contract

This is a kind of contract where no specific time or hours of work is mentioned. These staff are “on-call” when there is a specific need.

Our domain expertise currently is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development (React.js & Node.js), Cloud Solutions (AWS & Azure), and Analytics (Data & Business).

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