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Contract-to-hire in this model the resources are placed on our payroll for a set period of time, with the possibility of being hired full-time when the contract ends. This gives companies enough time to not only understand the technical ability of the candidates but also understand the cultural fitment before committing full-time.

In this model we fill in the positions and handle most of the front-end recruiting tasks like sourcing candidates, reviewing resumes, and shortlisting candidates. Then the shortlisted candidates are passed along to the client for any technical and final interviews. The client makes the final decision, with insights and guidance from the staffing agency when needed.

The selected candidate begins the employment contract on our payroll. The contract duration can vary from 6 months to being indefinite, and in almost all situations, the client has the option of hiring the resource full time or terminating the contract employment with due notice.

Our domain expertise currently is in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Full Stack Development (React.js & Node.js), Cloud Solutions (AWS & Azure), and Analytics (Data & Business).

Additionally our team of experts can also assist clients in setting up Offshore Development Center (ODC) across India when such a need arises.

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